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A writing piece from Scott P. Scheper.

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Sunday, 1:50 pm

Dear Reader,

For several weeks I've been reading the novel, Don Quixote by Cervantes.

I typically read it in the evenings, laying on my couch, after a good day's work. Though some mornings before work, I sat on my couch and read it with a pen nearby.

I read it concurrently with books on information science and knowledge management.[1] I've also read it concurrently with mindless videos from YouTube's recommendation engine.[2]

Anyway, here are my thoughts on Don Quixote...

It is entertaining. If you're a marketer, copywriter, or anyone who wants to communicate to an audience, it contains valuable lessons--mostly in style. It doesn't take itself too seriously. Its style is humorous and tongue-in-cheek without trying. In it you'll find gems of prose and terminology.

But overall, it's a slog.

I'm on page 228. There are 982 pages.

The issue with Don Quixote is its story, which I'll say this about: I've never read so much about so little.

Perhaps this is why I've lost interest. I've decided to put it down and move on to other books.

However, the time spent shall not be written off as waste.

Here's why: I process books in a way that results in its best concepts, vocabulary, and prose being "installed" into my offline brain--which I refer to as the AntiNet.

I foresee writing about this much in future editions of The Scott Scheper Letter.

Enjoy the rest of your day or evening (wherever and whenever you are).


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Scott P. Scheper

  1. a.k.a my current obsession. ↩︎

  2. I am but a victim in this story. Google Brain and their villainous employees are to blame. For they are responsible for the circumstances of my life. ↩︎


Scott P. Scheper