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A writing piece from Scott P. Scheper.

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Thursday 4:27 pm

Dear Friend,

I have a confession.

It is this... I am human.

Actually, it's this... Sometimes I am a lazy ballsack of a human.

Furthermore I am like this for much longer than a few minutes or even a few hours.

This lazy ballsack behavior surfaces towards the end of the week. Like on Thursdays... that is... like today.

Yet it can even surface as early as Monday nights.

Why does this occur?

My working theory is it's because I exhibit an insane amount of work ethic and time challenging my brain early in the week. By Thursday, my willpower weakens.

I then begin rationalizing. I'll say to myself, "Hey, it's fine to recharge your brain for fifteen minutes this morning. You deserve it."

For me, I recharge by consuming what I deem the absolute antithesis of intellectual material of mankind: celebrity TikTok gossip videos on YouTube.

Naturally, fifteen minutes turns into thirty, which turns into an hour, which turns into two hours, and on, and on...

You get it.

So what's the best thing to do after you waste away in such a state?

It's this:

You do not, I repeat, do NOT compensate for lost time by cutting short your daily ritual which, I advise, should incorporate three things: 1) A mindset or meditation practice, 2) fitness, and 3) creating something.

Instead of feeling shame and rationalizing with yourself—like cutting your fitness ritual short, do not give in. Period.

Drop the self-guilt. Realize--there's more than enough time.

Repeat after me: there is more than enough time.

The most important way to counter an unproductive morning is to stick to the agreement you've made with yourself. Stick to your inner scorecard—your daily ritual.

I'm not sure if it's true for everyone, but I can say it's true for me—I've also read it's true for those with ADHD—the truth I speak of is this: self-criticism is a tendency you exhibit too much of, not too little of.

It's true—self-criticism can be a feature, not a bug by yielding better performance and greater achievements. But I'd say it's also true that if you're reading this, you're committed to progress, learning, and growth.

And that puts you ahead of most in the world.

Chances are, you're harder on yourself than others.

So give yourself a break.

The next time you have a slothful morning, or even slothful days, take it from me—give yourself a break. You'll be fine; there's more than enough time, money, and energy for you to become the most authentic, badass version of yourself.

After you're done reading this, and you proceed with your day, don't rush your planned task. Instead, double-down on it. Allocate even more energy to it than you planned. Go deep. If that means a 30 minute workout, do it. Stick to your internal agreements.

Just please, promise me one thing...

To enjoy the living hell out of it while you're doing it.

For that, dear reader, is the most valuable resource we have... attention.

Thank you for spending some of it with me.

All the best,

Peace and love,

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Scott P. Scheper


Scott P. Scheper