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Thursday 5:19 pm

Dear Friend,

I have some good news, and bad news.

First, the bad news: this most-probably stands as my last piece that will be published on The Daily Scott Scheper. Why, you ask? Because it takes away life energy from my main goal: to publish books that shape and change the lives of the masses. To inspire people to learn, grow, and to help others develop their minds.

I feel like my energy is better spent publishing massive, in-depth content pieces on a 4-6 week time-period. In order to hold my feet to the fire, I feel like publishing something every 4 weeks or 6 weeks is best. I'm leaning on a 6-week time period cycle.

I will be publishing the link to the new website which, will look very much like this. Hell, perhaps even identical to this website you're reading right now.

The Twitter Poll yesterday already shows that 78.6% of you want less regular, more in-depth content.[1]

What's more is this: I'd like to experiment with less regular, more in-depth content.

Yet, I am committed to publishing at least something every single day still. I'm on a 268 streak and I intend to keep it alive. Period!

So, here's the good news: I will be publishing a piece of content every single day still. Most likely, it will be a notecard from my readings and the antinet related content.

I will be posting this content on my Twitter Profile: Please follow me here:

Please click the link above and follow me immediately if you would like to keep up with my updates.

Love you and we'll continue this journey. You will like the new website and the content on the new website better.

The working title is...

The Scott Scheper Letter

Warm regards,

And brace yourselves.

The party is about to get fucking started.

Peace and love.

And as always, please be advised:

To always remember...

To stay crispy my friend.

Your friend,

Scott P. Scheper

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Thursday 5:38 pm

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