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Wednesday 2:01 pm

Dear Friend,

Here's the truth.

I don't really know if I'm going to continue publishing The Daily Scott Scheper.

Here's why...

Writing this every single day detracts from progress on my book about the antinet.

My effort and life energy is spent writing this fucking daily piece, rather than working on what I believe will actually impact the world in a positive way——that being my book on the antinet.

Here's what I am leaning towards doing instead of publishing every day here: a mostly monthly letter known as The Scott Scheper Letter. This would entail a well-written, in-depth piece opposed to daily content gibberish.

What do you think?

I would really appreciate your feedback.

IMPORTANT: Please let me know your thoughts by voting on this Twitter Poll I made.

If you want The Daily Scott Scheper to continue (on a daily basis), vote for that option on my Twitter Poll.

If you want less regular but in-depth content, vote for that option on my Twitter Poll. This would mean more posts like Issue No. 247:

Here is the link to the Twitter Poll where you can vote:

Thank you for your feedback. This will help me decide whether or not to continue writing here, or writing on another website that looks much like this——only not daily.

Your friend,

Scott P. Scheper

AKA, "The Self-Doubt-Filled Writer"

P.S. I am writing this with one hand while holding my ear as my soulmate is cutting stitches out of my earlobe. A story for another time!


Wednesday 2:38 pm

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