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Tuesday 7:09 pm

Dear Friend,

I'm fucking pissed.

I'm just tired, actually. That's all.

OK, fine. Here's the deal. You want the honest-to-God-FUCKING-Truth?!

Here it is: It's FUCKING HARD to not fuck things up in life.

Here's what I mean.

Allow me to be specific. Pay attention.

My priorities in life are listed as follows:

  1. Spiritual (Source, God, Energy, Cosmos, Universe, whatever)
  2. Relationships (Family and True Friends)
  3. Mindset
  4. Body (Health, aka: Nutrition, Fitness, Sleep)
  5. Craft (Copywriting, Reading, and Writing)

Here's the deal...

It's hard to juggle and harmonically move through all of those things in life. It seems easy. It seems simple, right?

It's not.

The reason why is... for some reason... I find 80% of my day revolving around things NOT on the list above.

I find myself pulled into twitter debates with absolute dildo human beings. I find myself taking hours of videos of my pig eating up the vomit of my fucking cat! I also find myself deciding to spend thirty minutes bringing my pig, Garth, into a hipster breakfast spot at the bottom of my building. This hipster breakfast spot is called Cafe Gratitude. This hipster breakfast spot employs 96% women. This hipster breakfast spot has, of late, begun to fulfill my human desire for community and connection. My old desire for community and connection was filled by the other wise selection of Mr. Scott P. Scheper——a selection only one as wise and sage as him could choose——the most unnecessarily expensive market in San Diego built right into the most chic hotel in the area!. Jesus—literal—Christ! Why do I get distracted by investing my time and life energy in such stupid things?!

I'll tell you why...

Because I'm human.

And I'm working on my unwise tendencies.

Every single day is a battle for me to shut off the noise——the distractions——shut off everything else in life and just... focus on those five god-damn priorities.

That's all I'm gonna say on that.

Hopefully I'll be able to hit some more flow on antinet stuff soon.

Until then,

Always remember...

To stay crispy my friend.


Scott P. Scheper

AKA, "The Angry Fucking Writer"


Tuesday 7:46 pm

*Disclaimer: If you're NOT the type of person characterized here, then don't bother reading anything on this page.