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Why I Just Blocked My Mom on My Phone


Scott P. Scheper

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Sunday 4:34 pm

Dear Friend,

"Scotty, I'm not trying to be negative, but you need to slow down! Take a step back!"

This was a text message I received from my mother almost an hour ago at 3:49 pm.

Quite frankly, I shouldn't have been annoyed, or surprised to read such a message.

My mother has the tendency to be an absolute buzzkillington whenever there's momentum. I think she gets such tendencies from her own mother.

I think both of them are buzzkillingtons, and quite frankly, if you have one life to live, then LIVE IT. Don't sit on the sidelines and catastrophize worst-case scenarios in your head.


I'm aware that balance is key. Action is critical, but conscious action is the true target one must aim for.

That said, I would like to publicly denounce my mother's opinion in the most respectable way possible——that is... I would like to denounce my mother in public, on the internet!

Here's why:

First off, the thought of doing such is hilarious.

Second off, I'm not really going to deride her. If you want drama WITHOUT risking retaining any dignity (or brain-cells), watch the show FBOY Island.

Third off, I think there's an important lesson here.

The lesson revolves around one thing...


"Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving."
-Albert Einstein

On picking up a hobby or game, when you get good, the success feeling is carried over to other areas of your life.[1]

"Success breeds success. Small successes are stepping stones to greater ones."[2]

Create momentum with small decisions.[3]

Those are some general arguments supporting momentum from the realm of various life philosophers; yet I would like to share with you why momentum is not just a vague principle, but actual reality. In fact, momentum comes from the language of the universe itself.[4]

Let's start with work.

Work is the product of the net force and distance (aka, displacement).

Yet there is an other element involved that impacts the amount of work one can do.

When an object gains speed, it's called acceleration——or by my preferred term, momentum.

Acceleration comes from the ending speed, less the initial speed that you are going. This, divided by time, yields momentum.

The reason people feel threatened by a ton of changes stands perfectly natural. It would seem logical for one to move slowly, diligently, and methodically as they navigate the world. Yet, sometimes you must embrace the power of momentum. You must use the natural forces in nature to drive decisions that create a cascading waterfall of even more amazing decisions.

You must embrace the harmonic flow of life. You must dance with both order AND chaos.

Sometimes, though, you'll find those who love you to be a bit squeamish about such patterns—especially, if they perceive your actions as sudden and sporadic. Love people like them. Empathize with them. But whatever you do, DO NOT be dictated by them.

The last text I received from my mother while writing this was the following declaration:

"Your going to scare Ariana away by getting the pot belly pig!!

(Oops, I forgot to mention, I decided to adopt a wonderful amazing pot belly pig named Garth...). My soul mate, Arianna, loves the idea by the way.

The next text message I received from my mom was this:

"Your off your ADHD meds and being super impulsive!"

Maybe my mother is right. Maybe, after receiving that last text message I shouldn't have done what I decided to do just now...

Block her (temporarily) from being able to text me!

I've never had to do that before. But after being prescribed ADHD medication since 1st grade, I've decided to ditch the medicine and pursue more natural means to operating this world: meditation, and rigorous exercise.

Believe it or not, I feel more focused than I ever did when I was prescribed and overmedicated with pharmaceutical speed——which is essentially what ADHD meds are, let's be honest!

If this means my life is riddled with more "impulsive* decisions (like deciding I want a potbelly pig as a pet instead of a pug), then so bet it. At least I can fully own it if it does turn out a mistake.

At least I won't be able to blame it on what others could blame it on...

A bad mix of alcohol, SSRI's like prozac, adderall, and whatever else the hell we human beings use to dumb down human emotions.

That, my dear friend, is something I feel strongly about. Very strongly about, in fact.

Hell, I feel so strong about it that I'll block my own mother from injecting false beliefs into my mind, heart, and soul!

If you find yourself in a similar position, I hope my story gives you the courage to do the same.

Trust me. You don't need it. (See disclaimer: [5]


If you're interested in my antinet material, please note, this post was simple as hell to create! All I did was look up the key term "momentum" in my antinet, and bam!——my second mind practically wrote 80% of what you've just read!

If you want to learn more, please see the P.S. below my signature.

Scott P. Scheper

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Scott P. Scheper
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Got it?


Look forward to hearing from you soon.

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  5. I am not a licensed medical professional. I have only been drugged on and off for my entire life by my mom starting in 1st grade. I do not resent her. I realize she did this out of love. But I do not think your mother should be the one prescribing you medication. A trained profesional should. All love. ↩︎


Sunday 5:19 pm

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