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Thursday, 7:26 pm

Dear Friend,

Today I have decided to jump back into the depths of the antinet. The antinet is an analog thinking internet for building your mind. The common term for antinet is Zettelkasten.[1]

When I entered college, I went to something called "orientation." Volunteers were there to teach us what college is about. Let's be real It was a mass social gathering. Nothing serious.

I do remember hearing one bit of advice. One professor told me what the purpose of my life over the next four years would be. He claimed it could be summarized in two words: critical thinking.

"The point of college centers on the development of critical thinking," is what he said. OK, that's fine, I thought.

Fast forward four years. Now, at the tail end of college. During my senior year, I determined two things:

First, I don't know what the hell that professor was talking about.

Second, it might be a good idea for me to write down the best concepts I learned. That way, I could refresh my memory on interesting concepts later on in life.

Yes... four years of college provided me with enough critical thinking to determine that! (Kidding, I learned other stuff, too, I'm sure...)

I decided to store my college wisdom on notecards. For obvious reasons, I chose notecards with my favorite color of all time... LIME GREEN!

Here's the problem...

These bright lime green notecards are barely legible!

Why am I talking about this story?

What's the point?

That, my dear friend and reader, is what you shall find out.


Until then,

Always remember,

To stay crispy, my friend.


Scott P. Scheper

  1. Sadly, Zettelkasten finds itself of warped nature today. It has been turned into something its inventor wouldn't recognize if alive today. It's known today basically as a text document with links, categories, and tags——nothing at all like its original design. ↩︎


Friday, 12:30 am

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