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Wednesday, 7:03 pm

Dear Friend,

I am tired.

In addition to this, I feel lousy because I've made little progress lately in writing my book on the antinet.

Here's why: As you may know, I am one of the co-founders of XYO.[1] Last week, XYO was listed on the biggest cryptocurrency exchange in the United States.[2] For any cryptocurrency, this is rare. It was unexpected, at least for me![3]

Last week was rewarding. Financially rewarding, and emotionally rewarding. I shall write it about at length in the future.

But for now, I am tired.

At least, that's what a part of me feels.

Then I'm reminded of one thing. When I remind myself of this thing, it snaps me out of tiredness.

It is this: It's all in the mind.

You see, the truth is... I'm not tired. Not even close.

Stay tuned.

I'm going to write more instead of podcast for one reason: Writing resides within my Zone of Genius. (Not my Zone of Competency, or Incompetency. It does not even fall within my Zone of Excellence——in fact, a significant life mistake is living in your Zone of Excellence. Here are the results from a poll I created on Twitter. This confirmed my belief.[4] Yet, this introduces another question...

Is my decision to write more frequently an example of confirmation bias? Who the hell knows. I sure as hell don't know.

I only know one thing:


This piece of writing sucks.

And right now, I suck (as a writer).

But I'll get better.

And so will your reading experience here. Amazing what happens when you ship every single day![5]

Until then,

Always remember...

To stay crispy my friend.


Scott P. Scheper

  1. See this interview of me explaining XYO at the Nasdaq Market Site: YouTube Link ↩︎

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  3. I am not involved operationally with XYO anymore because, well, in brief, I like starting things, not running them. ↩︎

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  5. See: Seth Godin, The Practice: Shipping Creative Work (New York: Portfolio/Penguin, 2020). ↩︎


Wednesday, 9:47 pm

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