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Issue No. 213

Scott P. Scheper
Downtown San Diego, CA
You——but only if this page I wrote about You is true.
Friday, 7:28pm

Dear Friend,

As it stands today, I am a nameless little known individual who claims that he, himself, knows of a system so profound in making you produce genius-level-work that you won't all prey to the traps off the Notecard System of Ryan Holiday and Robert Greene. "Oh, yeah?" What genius level work have you created, Scott? A rather shit book I wrote when I waaas 25, and yeah, I was too busy making money ("He that composes himself is wiser than he that composes books", as Benjamin Franklin said.)[1] Still, you should listen to me because there's thiss dead German pedantic sociologist you've problably never heard of who wrote 70 books.[2] He also published 550 titles by the time of his death (150 of which were unpublished).[3]

Always remember...

To stay crispy, my friend.

END TIME: Thursday, 9:23 pm

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Scott P. Scheper