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How Much Money I Made per Month Using a Slow Internet Speed (The Digital Divide)

Scott P. Scheper
Downtown San Diego, CA
You——but only if this page I wrote about You is true.
Tuesday, 1:38 am

Dear Friend,

In front of me on my desk sit eighteen hand-written notecards of writing with the very best material you'll ever read if you are anyone looking to create genius-level work made to last 200 years.

The most interesting thing I'd like to share with you today; however, centers around an ironic occurrence arising within your typical social injustice warrior crowd.

It centers on the existence of what they're labeling, digital divide. It refers to the digital injustice present in the world. It decries the fact that low-income areas only have access to internet connections of only 12mbps download speed.

I know the feeling. I was in such shoes at one point, years ago. I lived in an area wherein my download speed was only 5mbps. I was even lower than what they refer to as an underprivileged individual living in a rural area.

A year prior, at age 27, I was living month-to-month practically dead broke. I was burnt out. I had been chasing business success by means of the startup life——starting work early, and finishing late——opposed to starting late, and working late like I apparently prefer.

My download speeds were of the lowest tier in my area. Nothing special. I had no idea what they were until I started doing internet download speed tests. It was maybe 20-25mbps on a good day.

After nearly a decade working hard, my hard work finally paid off.

A year later, I had moved to a rural area though. I was now living on St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands (U.S.). However, according to the digital injustice warriors, I was now part of the digital divide. My internet speed was less than half of 12mbps, which is proclaimed as an inequitable injustice! If I had read such propaganda, I'd think I was doomed. But at least I was living on the most beautiful part of the island, overlooking Magen's Bay. But still, a 5mbps download speed? Oh, and a generator that didn't even work half the time?——and yes, the island's electricity died a lot. Like at least once a week because it was a very hot summer.

If you've read about the digital divide, you'd think my business's performance would decline. I was doing performance marketing (affiliate) full-time during that period. I had programmed and automated nearly everything. For almost a year, I had been breaking my monthly revenue records.

Yet, I was the one and only employee. A one man wolfpack, if you will. In other words, even more was at stake if my performance and internet speed was impacted!

How did I do immediately after moving to a rural area that subjected me to the strictures and constraints of those in the digital divide?

I did OK...

I blew away my previous monthly revenue record with $627,936.10 in revenue. But I'm not done yet.

The next month I did $918,521.42 in revenue. Next month, $1,011,483.20, and the one after that, I apparently wasn't pushing myself hard enough, because my revenue didn't grow by much. It was a mere $1,024,787.27.

The moral of the story is those who decry the inequities of low-income families having worse internet speeds, are going to end up taking away the biggest advantage they have——the advantage of working in a way wherein your focus is on developing your brain, not Google's. This comes from analog; this comes from unplugging, and it also comes from... being a badass who cares about making a legacy, not a living.

See you tomorrow.

Until then,

Always remember...

To stay crispy, my friend.

P.S. Oh, but P.S. Even though I was not given a penny in the business activities I outlined above, I must disclaim that I am... someone who grew up in a loving, sorta-middle-class American family. Which is another way of saying I won the ovarian lottery compared to the rest of the world. Therefore you should partially discard my results.

P.P.S. Oh, and one more thing, because I'm a white male, I must advise you to discard all of my results. Why? Because that's what the digital divide warriors would want you to believe.

Tuesday, 2:19 am


Scott P. Scheper