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Issue No. 192
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Communication with a Second Mind (aka, a Notebox)

Scott P. Scheper
Downtown San Diego, CA
You——but only if this page I wrote about You is true.
Friday, 11:59 pm

Dear Friend,

I realize you've been distracted by the hilarious bio I shared with you in yesterday's issue (Issue No. 191). That said, I must remind you of what I promised you in Issue No. 190. Oh, you don't remember? I'll refresh your memory.

In Issue No. 190 I took you down the most enjoyable etymological rabbit hole of all time. It centered on the word zettel. I told you I'd share with you Niklas Luhmann's famous paper on Zettelkasten.

Well, I'm here to deliver on that promise.

Below I provide you with a link to the Revised version of the said paper——the version of which includes revisions, much of which is outlined in Issue No. 190.

As mentioned in Issue No. 189, the writing style is, indeed, academic. It is, indeed, challenging. But for those who wish to grow and create genius-level work built to last, it is a reading requirement. Period.

Here's the link where you can read Niklas Luhmann's paper about Zettelkasten online:

Click here to read the Zettelkasten paper by Niklas Luhmann in its truest form

See you back here tomorrow,

Until then,

Always remember...

To stay crispy, my friend.

Saturday, 2:18 am


Scott P. Scheper