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The Bio I Wrote for an Upcoming Conference I'll Be Speaking At

Scott P. Scheper
Downtown San Diego, CA
You——but only if this page I wrote about You is true.
Thursday, 9:34 pm

Dear Friend,

Not going to lie. I'm tired. It's 4:16 am at the time I'm writing this. I have at least twenty or so handwritten beautiful notecards I need to install into my second mind, my anti-net, my Zettelkasten right after I finish this episode.

Here's what I'm going to do, however.

I'm going to share with you a bio I spent the past two hours writing. It's for a massive performance marketing conference I've been invited to speak at. It takes place in the beginning of 2022, and is being held in Dubai.

Here's the bio I wrote for myself. Please enjoy reading it, but not more than the joy I had writing it!

Scott's Bio Below

Sir Scheper de la Mancha is, The World's Biggest Affiliate You've Never Heard Of With The Smallest Dong.

Here are some stats from his most recent eight years as a performance marketing knight: Scott spent $28,647,277.36 on display advertising. Personally. This generated $73,174,656.96 in revenue, and $44,527,379.60 gross profit. Nearly 80% of ad spend derives from GDN (Google Display Network). He looks forward to sharing every single detail with those who attend his talk.

Other accomplishments procured by this knight errant include most revenue generated by an affiliate for GlobalWide Media (Neverblue)——both daily and monthly records set in 2014. Sir Scheper achieved said records with little armor, and zero employees. His one and only compadre? A brilliant affiliate manager—more brilliant than Sancho, they say! I speak of Lord Chad Wilton, who you may recognize today as the ingenious COO of The Affiliate World Conference.

After Scott's spectacular adventures in performance marketing, he founded the cryptocurrency, $XYO, in 2017. The project is still run by an active team, and reached an all-time peak market cap of ~$180 Million.

Today, Scott splits time between three hobbies: the first being his true love—the craft of writing copy and non-fiction. His second hobby is building his own "personal knowledge internet" (comprised entirely of handwritten notecards). Last, but not least, is his hobby inventing personalities and storylines for his two cats (he's not gay).

Hope you enjoyed.

See you tomorrow.

Until then,

Always remember...

To stay crispy, my friend.

Friday, 4:20 am


Scott P. Scheper