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No. 186

Two Weeks after Switching from Digital to Analog, This Happened

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Issue No. 186

Saturday, 8:06 pm

Scott P. Scheper
One American Plaza
Downtown San Diego, CA

Dear Friend,

OK, so where did we leave off yesterday?

Ah, that's right, I was revealing how much of a p*ssy I was. Yes, indeed. It was in regards to my decision of how to organize my life. I was resisting the idea of switching from digital to analog. The thing holding me back was not the atomic workflow[1] distraction. It was even more of a waste of time. It was the custom theme I had spent an entire weekend designing for my note-taking app, Obsidian.[2] I was majoring in the minor, as they say. This is what I call, productivity junk food.

The decision rested between the comforts of productivity junk food vs. creating genius-level work that I otherwise wouldn't be able to.

Thankfully, I made a wise decision. I had the self-awareness to know why I was resisting the switch to analog.

In the end, I made the switch. I decided to switch to analog for organizing my thoughts. Each day I became more convinced by analog's superiority to digital. I discovered hidden advantages of analog. These were things I had overlooked initially.

Yet, I still continued to use Obsidian for my daily writings. A few weeks went by. Then one day, I decided to explore the idea of switching to analog for my daily writings. I decided to list out the pros and cons of analog vs. digital.

But since it's a Saturday evening right now (and it's gonna take some time to convert from the notecards they're written down on), I'm going to save them for tomorrow.

Plus, it seems like a perfect place to stop and tease you to force you to show up tomorrow!

So until then,

Always remember...

To stay crispy, my friend.

Saturday, 9:32 pm

P.S. One last thing! It's regarding the subject of how analog requires more time and effort to share content online. There's an extra step. It forces one to convert text written on paper to digital format. You can't just copy and paste... Now here's the question: Do you think this is an advantage or a disadvantage?

P.P.S. (For digital degenerates, workflow warriors, and hotkey junkies, I thought the same as you once... only a short time ago, honestly. But it's because I never believed analog could not only be more beneficial, but even easier to find things than digital... Stick with around. You'll see the light soon enough. We'll get there.)


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Scott P. Scheper