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No. 183

The Trap I Recently Felt Scared of Falling Back Into

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If you are a copywriter, or heck even a writer of anything——be it novels, academic papers, or whatever——the number one question is this:

"How do I produce genius-level work WITHOUT getting burnt out——or even worse——getting fricken' bored!"

The answer is deliberate, challenging growth in your craft.

You won't find that in The Lazy Man's Guide to Getting Rich, and you won't find riches, either.

I'm fascinated with things that challenge me to learn the right way, the only way... the hard way.

If this intrigues you, then what you're reading is the best thing you could be doing with your time... if you have a Family Guy sense of humor, that is.

If that's you, then I like you!!! If not, then bye Felicia.

If you're still here, my name is Scott Scheper. Here's where I share my early work, and writing pieces I'm in the middle of. Join me on my quest for growth and... world domination!

Now begins today's daily piece...

Scott P. Scheper
One American Plaza
Downtown San Diego, CA

Wednesday, 8:43 pm

Dear Friend,

I'm going to pick up where I left off yesterday in No. 182.

To catch you up, I found myself a few months ago sucked into the world of something called "PKM". Or "Personal Knowledge Management".

The tool that took up my time is called "Obsidian".

The same exact ideology of Atomic Workflow seems to have gripped the imaginations of those enthralled with the world of personal knowledge management, aka "PKM".

And, simply put, I found myself taking the whole Atomic Design methodology and taking it into over-drive in applying it to PKM.

Yet after much time spent, I felt the same feeling I had about the so-called productivity niche. The productivity and life hacker crowd plagues the PKM crowd. They end up spending so much time working on workflows to better their work, which yields the paradoxical result of guess what? Correct! Doing less actual work!

Well on that Sunday afternoon I wrote the passage I outlined yesterday.

I felt myself falling into the complexity trap for the hundredth time——heck, probably millionth time!

I was worried and fearful all of my recent hard work and progress getting out of my depression and into a productive lifestyle of consistently crushing it, and writing every single day, was now at risk.


One word: complexity.

Yet I held out hope that the "solution", as I put it, "may be achieved this week [after] reading the new book that recently arrived, called..."

...called something I'll give you the title of tomorrow! Reason being, I need more time to tell you what happened soon after that.

OK, now for the real reason... I get a kick out of teasing you with cliffhangers. (Yes, I'm literally laughing at you). I feel no shame! But really, I want to make sure you show up tomorrow and keep me company!

So until then, my friend,

Always remember...

To stay crispy, my friend.

Wednesday, 9:07 pm


Scott P. Scheper