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Atomic Design? More Like Atomic Horsesh*t.

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If you are a copywriter, or heck even a writer of anything——be it novels or academic papers——well then, the number one question you need to ask yourself is this:

How do I consistently produce genius-level work WITHOUT getting burnt out——or worse——getting fricken' bored!

The answer is this: fascination and challenging growth.

If you're looking for content like, The Lazy Copywriters Guide to Getting Rich Working 15-Minutes a Day, then you can stop reading now. I'm focused on things that actually work. This means things that challenge you to learn the right way, the only way... the hard way.

If this intrigues you, then what you're reading right now is the best thing you could be doing with your time... that is, only if you have the sense of humor to enjoy references to Family Guy! If so, then you're a rare breed——so rare, in fact, that I'd even consider you a friend. If not then, well, bye Felicia.

To the person still here, my name is Scott Scheper. My friend, I Welcome to The Daily Scott Scheper, where I share the most fascinating things for writers and copywriters interested in the pursuit of challenging growth... and world domination.

Let's begin.

Scott P. Scheper
One American Plaza
Downtown San Diego, CA

Tuesday, 7:14 pm

Dear Friend,

So I'm going to pick up right where I left off yesterday. And that is the note I wrote to myself some time ago.

At the time, I felt a sense of fear that the fantastic streak I was on, in terms of writing and producing every single day, was about to be derailed.

It was a Sunday in early March at 2:16 pm.

I was at my office in downtown San Diego. Before getting down to work, I wrote the following note:

"One thing I will say is this: I had the thought today that I really wish and hope that I [do] not make [my daily writing practice] a chore by going insane using...
an atomic workflow."

Atomic Workflow refers to an idea, which sprouted up in web development and UI/UX design.[1]

The idea aims to simplify components of websites by creating a representation of different parts by using an analogy related to chemistry concepts (atoms, molecules, organisms, etc.). For instance, think of a button on a website as an atom. Another atom, for example, could be an input box for entering text. When both atoms combine, they create functionality for searching a website. The two atoms form a molecule, a search molecule.

Novel though this idea may first seem, it adds yet another layer of abstraction. That is, it adds unnecessary complexity to a field already filled with such.

Well, the same principle of atomic design seems to have gripped the imaginations of those enthralled with the world of personal knowledge management.

And if you're not aware of this ideology, you may waste months, or years of your life learning some technique or app for taking notes, or who knows, as you become enchanted by such an idea.

Tomorrow I'll share with you what ended up happening to me so that you can avoid it happening to you.

I shall run and get to work on writing the most badass, game-changing material to ensure more people do not get sucked into traps like these and create genius-level work built to last.

Until then,

Always remember...

To stay crispy, my friend.

*Tuesday, 8:28 pm


  1. "Atomic Design Methodology | Atomic Design by Brad Frost." Accessed July 15, 2021. ↩︎


Scott P. Scheper