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No. 133

A writing piece from Scott P. Scheper.

Daily Issue No. 133

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Downtown San Diego, CA

Scott Paul Scheper

You (the person reading this right now).

If you are an entrepreneur committed to growth and learning in the field of marketing and copywriting (aka, mass persuasion), then what you are doing right now is the best thing you could be doing with your time.

This is true IF, AND ONLY IF, these two things characterize you:

  1. First: you're not the type looking for trite content like, The Lazy Man’s Guide to Getting Rich by Drop-Shipping Complete Crap. I treat marketing and copywriting as the most sacred and beautiful craft there is. My content comes from real-life results, and from a wide-range of disciplinary fields. This means you'll be challenged to learn the old way. The hard way. The right way.
  2. Second, and most important is this: you're the type who can laugh at Family Guy, and Beavis and Butthead. Look, I take the craft of marketing very seriously. Yet Oscar Wilde said, life's too important to be taken too seriously. I agree.

If the above characterizes you, then not only does it mean I'm writing specifically for you——it also means:

I even fricken like you!

I mean, why not?!

The type of person I described above is quite the unconventional character!

Those who are deeply committed to growth and learning WITHOUT also being pedantic buzz-killingtons? Such people are rare, indeed.

Which is why, I consider you a friend!

With this out of the way, I now begin a message I wrote only for such friends...

Tuesday, 5:51 pm

Dear Friend,

If you couldn't tell by now, I'm still figuring out what The Scott Scheper Daily entails. I'm also still figuring out how I shall entail it.

When creating free daily content for an audience, conventional wisdom exists for what one should do, and should not do. The conventional wisdom suggests one should not spend time hard teaching. Rather, one should spend their time doing soft teaching, and focus more on entertainment.

Instead of hard teaching in one's daily content channel, it's advised to offer the hard teaching only in the premium content (such as a paid publication); that is, such as what is to become The Scott Scheper Monthly.

In brief: the spectrum for my daily content is: hard teaching and soft teaching. It's difficult to choose one or the other. I'm not sure where I'll be on this spectrum; but for now I'll choose the one that seems most natural. Something sorta in-between. Which is this: flaccid!!!

Which is why that's all I've got for you today!

See you tomorrow!

image Signature of Scott P. Scheper San Diego

Scott "Apparently Needs Viagra" Scheper

*Tuesday, 6:53 pm


Scott P. Scheper