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No. 132

A writing piece from Scott P. Scheper.

Daily Issue No. 132

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Scott Paul Scheper

You (the person reading this right now).

If you are an entrepreneur committed to growth and learning in the field of marketing, copywriting and mass persuasion, then what you are doing right now is the best thing you could be doing with your time. However...

This is true IF, AND ONLY IF, these two things characterize you:

  1. First: you're not the type of person looking for trite marketing content; like, The Lazy Man’s Guide to Getting Rich by Drop-Shipping Bullshit. Others cover such things better than I ever will. Why? Because it bores the living hell outta me, that's why!
  2. Second, and more important is that you're not only committed to growth and learning; but also the type who likes Family Guy, and Beavis and Butthead.

Look, I take the craft of marketing very seriously. I pull content from real-life practice, and from a wide-range of disciplinary fields——many of which I guarantee you've never heard of.

Yet I side with Oscar Wilde, who famously said, life's too important to be taken too seriously. I agree with him.

So, if this sounds like you, it means one——actually two——things:

Not only does it mean that I'm writing specifically for you... It also means I even fricken like you!

I mean, why not? The type of person I described above is quite the unconventional character!

Granted, those committed to growth and learning aren't too unconventional; and neither are the doctrinaire teachers we've had growing up.

But those who are deeply committed to their craft WITHOUT being pedantic buzz-killingtons? These types of people, are indeed rare.

Which is why, I consider you a friend!

So with this out of the way, I shall now begin a message for friends such as this.

Monday, 10:46 am

Dear Friend,

Whether you're a marketer, an entrepreneur, copywriter, or other, I cannot emphasize enough the importance of weekly goals. I've written about this before (see Daily Issue No. 97); however, I would like to tell you why it's helpful for days like today.

You see, today, I'm feeling sad.

I was exhausted yesterday, and I slept most of the day. I went to bed early. I do not think I even went outside——actually, yes I did once, briefly. I picked up my weekly meals. These are delivered to me every Sunday. Usually right outside my door; however, this time I had to... ghasp... retrieve it by taking an elevator down to the first floor! I decry such hardships and toil! I survived.

Anyway, back to my pity party.

I'm feeling sad.


Because it's a holiday today. And I, well, I have nothing better to do than working. And writing. And doing what I love to do. But, I'm also sad because I know this is not the ideal state I'd want for my life.

Sure, times of hard work and grinding are necessary. However, it's bearable only when you're inspired, motivated and have a clear target. It's also bearable only when you're growing.

If there's doubt in those departments, it's much harder to push through.

On such days, and in such days when you start off, and you're sad, it's easy to begin questioning your activities. What happens next is you question your plans, strategy, and goals. The one tool, however, I've found helpful for not falling down such a slippery slope as this is... you guessed it: weekly goals.

After you review your weekly goals from the previous week, it reminds you how much you've accomplished. It shifts your mindset from feeling sad to feeling grateful. For surprising even yourself by how much you've grown in the past week. It serves as a reminder to press forward; to press on.

I've discussed weekly goals before in the prior issues I've mentioned; but now you have a real story for why I continue to preach such. Because it's the thing that's crucial for me on days like the one I had today. After reviewing my goals from last week, it reminded me how I'd finished reading a 12-part work on Copywriting. It was a beast that took me months to get through; yet I knocked out a third of it in the past week. There's other items on there. But bottom line: it reminds me to push forward, and to stop... well, being such a pussy.

So press forth; press on, and as always...

Stay crispy.

See you tomorrow.

image Signature of Scott P. Scheper San Diego

Scott Paul Scheper

Monday, 12:54 pm


Scott P. Scheper