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No. 130

A writing piece from Scott P. Scheper.

Daily Issue No. 130

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Downtown San Diego, CA

Myself, Scotty Paul Scheper

You (the person reading this right now).

If you are a marketer committed to growth and learning in the field of mass persuasion, then what you are doing right now is the very best thing you could be doing with your time.

However: This is true only if the following two things characterize you, truthfully:

  1. First: you're not a person looking for trite marketing content. Many others cover the beginner basics better than I ever will. Why? Because it bores the living hell outta me, that's why! I pull from real-life results and from a wide-range of disciplinary fields——many you've never even heard of.
  2. Second, and more important is this: you're not only a reader, but you're also the type of person who likes Family Guy, and Beavis and Butthead. You see, I take my craft very seriously, yet on this one I side with Oscar Wilde. He famously said, life's too important to be taken TOO seriously, and I agree.

If this sounds like you, it means means one thing—actually two:

Not only does it mean that I'm writing specifically to you... It also means that I even fricken like you! And I'm not even kidding!

I mean, why not?! The type of person I described is quite the unconventional character!

Now granted, marketers or entrepreneurs committed to growth and learning aren't quite as rare——but someone who loves reading, and is committed to learning from many disciplinary fields WITHOUT also being pedantic buzz-killington (you know, like that one doctrinaire teacher we've all had growing up).

Well, this, my friend, is indeed quite rare.

This is why, I consider you a friend.

So, with this out of the way, I shall now begin a message only for characters and friends very much like myself...

Saturday, 3:03 pm

Dear Friend,

It is 9:07 pm at the office in Downtown San Diego. Yes, it is a Saturday night——and yes——I began working on this letter earlier today, at 3:03 pm.


Two reasons.

First, I was a good boy and went to Catholic Mass for a 4:30 pm service. I know, I know... I've broached the taboo topic of religion! But hear me out: this was the first catholic mass I've been to in ten years, or even more!

Why did I go?

I was curious to explore and see the beauty and style and architecture of the church.

That's a lie. Actually, I went because I grew intrigued by something I would have called absurd, even as soon as two weeks ago. What is it that I became intrigued by, you ask?

I became intrigued by was the philosophical theology of Catholicism. Why? One reason, and one reason only: I came across a video of a debate between the Catholic Bishop, Bishop Robert Barron, and an atheist named Alex O'Connor.

It was quite an interesting discussion; I recommend you check it out when you have the chance.

What caught me most was hearing a philosophical intellectual in the form of a Catholic Bishop. In all my life I had not come across someone like this man.

Now... before all the bible thumpers, which include my parents (and probably yours), it must be stated: I'm not even remotely close to those born again types. Those people are nuts. You know how I know? Because I once was one for several months when I was eighteen![1]

Anyway, I went to Catholic Mass at 4:30 pm, just to take a break from work.

But the real reason it took me so long to complete this letter is...

You guessed it!

I was working on the copy in the section between TO: and Writing Start:.

But I have some good news.

I'm not going to make you write it out by hand today, unless that is, you're committed to excellence and becoming the best copywriter alive. In that case, you know what to do.

Until we meet again.

As in tomorrow,

Remember one thing:

To stay crispy.

image Signature of Scott P. Scheper San Diego

Scotty Paul Scheper

Saturday, 9:36 pm

  1. If you don't know what I'm talking about, just go to a Tony Robbins event. Everyone's in a state of irrational exuberance. (Don't get me wrong, Tony's books and psychology frameworks are very helpful. Not crapping on him. Plus, he's too tall if I tried.) ↩︎


Scott P. Scheper