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No. 128

A writing piece from Scott P. Scheper.

Daily Issue No. 128

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Downtown San Diego, CA

Myself, Scott P. Scheper

You, the Person Reading This Now——If, And Only If, The Following Three Things Are True of You:

  1. First: if you are a marketer or entrepreneur, and you are committed to growth and learning in copywriting (aka, mass persuasion), or marketing, then I am writing to You.
  2. Second: if you find value in learning principles for better thinking——yet at the same time, you're sick and tired of the incestuous information vomited and regurgitated between the same books and podcasts today——then, guess what? I am especially writing to You.
  3. Third, and last, is this: if you carry a cynical, pessimistic attitude of a pedant——meaning you're kinda like that one teacher we've all had growing up——then I'm not for you.

Assuming you're not a pedantic peehole, please read on; we're almost done!

If these three things——actually wait, one more thing. It's essential:

But regardless of bonus points, as I was saying...

If all three things are true of you, not only does it mean that I'm writing to you. It also means I even fricken like you! No joke!

In fact, I even consider you a friend. I mean, why not?! We are, after all, quite the rare breed.

With this out of the way,
I shall now begin...
A message I wrote...
For the said friends.

Thursday, 6:41 pm

Dear Friend,

It is 10:14 pm. This means that for the past three hours and 33 minutes, I have been writing, rewriting, deleting, adding, reorganizing, and touching up every character that you find above.

If you are a copywriter, read this, study this, write it out by hand.

It may seem insignificant; however what you will find above has more lessons packed into it than one would find in a $1,000 copywriting course.

That's all.

Peace and love,

See you tomorrow.

Who knows... perhaps I'll share something with you that doesn't instruct you to write out something by hand!

image Signature of Scott P. Scheper San Diego

Scott P. Scheper

P.S. Even if you did yesterday's assignment, and wrote out the intro to Issue No. 127, still do this one. In fact, you should do both regardless. Why? To stamp in the neural imprint of what I've changed, and why.

Thursday, 11:04 pm


Scott P. Scheper