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No. 123

A writing piece from Scott P. Scheper.

Daily Issue No. 123

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  1. First, you are an entrepreneur committed to creating, growing, and learning about: marketing, copywriting, persuasion, life philosophy, investing, science, and technology.
  2. Second, you do not carry the attitude of a pedantic turtle-neck-wearing pessimist——meaning: you're not someone who takes life too seriously——meaning: you're not a b'hole.

If this fits you, then I like you. In fact, I consider you a friend.

And thus begins a message for friends, below...

Saturday, 5:43 pm

Dear Friend,

Here's the deal...

What you are reading now is part of my daily practice. I am committed to writing every single day. Why? Because it's something I value greatly. Simple. Period. End of story.

OK, so why am I telling you this?

For one reason, and one reason only: to set the expectations.

You see, in the world of information science, you will find fascinating things. You will learn how the data, content, and information you consume has key distinctions.

For instance, think about this question:

What's the difference between knowledge and information?

Think of it like this: information is unstructured, and knowledge is structured.

In other words, information is more "free-flowing"; whereas, knowledge is deliberately rewritten, over-and-over again.

Books generally err on the side of knowledge.

Articles and blog posts and emails err on the side of information.

My commitment with my daily practice is to share information. If anything, it's to err on the side of something called infotainment.[1]

Lately, however, I've erred on the side of knowledge. Why? It's simple: It's hard to resist teaching and sharing concepts I've found profoundly interesting!

That said, it's a Saturday. I'm supposed to be on the road right now. I'm heading one hour north to my parents house to visit family, and my sister, who's bedridden at home. Why? She tore her ACL skiing. Yikes! This is one reason you ought to snowboard. The other reason is because of the latest research on skiers: they're dorks.

Anyway, I'm going to run out now.

In the meantime, think about how you delineate between information and knowledge in your own business.

Believe it or not, your clients and customers don't necessarily want your knowledge. I mean they do, but what they also want is to connect with you. They want information. They want infotainment.

And that, my dear reader, is something to keep in mind. Always.


image Signature of Scott P. Scheper San Diego

Scott P. Scheper

Saturday, 6:09 pm

  1. Settle, Ben. “The 10-Minute Workday.” Online Course, n.d. (Section 7.1) ↩︎


Scott P. Scheper