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No. 122

A writing piece from Scott P. Scheper.

Daily Issue No. 122

Scott P. Scheper
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  1. First, you are an entrepreneur committed to creating, growing, and learning about: marketing, copywriting, persuasion, life philosophy, investing, science, and technology.
  2. Second, you do not carry the attitude of a pedantic turtle-neck-wearing pessimist——meaning: you're not someone who takes life too seriously——meaning: you're not a butthole.

If this fits you, then I like you. In fact, I consider you a friend.

In this manner begins a message I wrote for friends, which is found below:

Friday, 3:01 pm

Dear Friend,

A short time ago, a thought arose after reflecting on what I wrote yesterday in Issue No. 121. The thought was about the importance of polarity——specifically, within the field of persuasion. You see, the primary takeaway of yesterday's piece was this: if you desire to stand out in the world, you must be a prolific character. Yet, this spurned the thought I had a short time ago——which was:

What the balls, Scott!
You're doing your readers a disservice!
The lesson that "one should be prolific"...
and that, "one should be polarizing"...
in order to stand out?
This is NOT groundbreaking!
This is not of profound insight!
Well, maybe it is for most people,
But certainly not for Scott Scheper's readers!

Most of you did not think this after reading yesterday's article. The reason being: my readers know the importance of re-learning the fundamentals, and they appreciate it!

However, I imagined at least some readers may have such a thought. I hope some do because I wish to attract those who thirst for new insights!

My goal is to share new insights; not to rehash what's already been said.

Why? One word: standards——and my standards are high. They're even for my daily writings, which I love providing you, completely free of charge or ads (besides plugging my own product, i.e., the pride and joy of my life: my monthly publication, The Scott Scheper Journal, obviously!).[1]

Bottom line: my goal is to share new insights. And with this in mind... you'll be pleased to know: my plan all along was NOT to stop after yesterday's lesson!

The lesson of Issue No. 121 centers on the importance of being polarizing and prolific——meaning, for every 100 diehard fans, you should strive for ten diehard haters.

Yet such a concept is not a new insight. In the field of persuasion, many have preached about this:

" [Don't be Boring]... The one thing I've noticed across the board with almost all experts who've had success and stayed relevant is that they are highly prolific." [2]

" [W]henever you do controversial stuff, it's weird. There are people who will stick around just to see how much more mad you can make them. And anger can be a powerful emotion if you're selling something." [3]

"Indifference is the death of sales. It will kill you, okay. Indifference is what's going to choke a business' life right out of it." [4]

"So controversy is very powerful. That's why it makes you stick out in the marketplace because so few people do it. And it makes people confident in you because you just have the balls to do this. I mean most people just don't." [5]

" "If you haven't offended someone by noon each day, then you're not marketing hard enough." [6]

So why then, Sir Scott Scheper, have you written about something which is not of insightful newness? Here's why: I wasn't finished, you degenerate!

I had to warm you up for what's coming next! That's what a gentleman does, right?! (No sexual innuendo here, I swear).

Understanding The Law of Prolificity is the pre-requirement.

Explored less frequently is this, however: The Law of Prolificity creates a paradox that has dangerous consequences. The paradox it introduces is critical to understand. Not knowing about it will prevent you from anticipating it. And if that happens, you may be blindsided by it after you experience success. I've seen it happen to others, and I've experienced it myself first-hand. It's painful. It sucks.

In brief, The Law of Prolificity is just one side of the coin; yet there is another side——and it's equally important. But this, my dear reader, I shall introduce you to another day. I've gone on way too long.

Oh, and before I go:

There's one more thing: I have a message for those serious about learning more about what I've written today——that is, concepts relating to persuasion, marketing, and copywriting.

My message is this: If you want to go deep in this realm, I must implore you to subscribe to my monthly publication, The Scott Scheper Journal. It is only available in physical format and arrives via first-class mail.[7]

I hope to spend time with you again as a reader of The Scott Scheper Journal, or at the very least, in my future Daily Writings.

Until then...

Have a fantastic day,

And as always,

Stay crispy,

Stay sharp,

Stay passionate,

And never stop...

Pressing on.

Peace and love,

image Signature of Scott P. Scheper San Diego

Scott P. Scheper

Friday, 6:28 pm

  1. At least at the time of this writing. No ads, affiliate links, etc. (Other than plugging my own product, which is the pride and joy of my life that is!) ↩︎

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  7. Why physical format? Hint: It's not for legal and piracy reasons. The reason why is because it's a hand-crafted labor of love. Every detail and every word is deliberately agonized over. Each concept is the output of work from my physical notes dating as far back as 2006. The paper, ink, font, and layout are explicitly chosen to capture a desired texture, smell, touch, sound, and even taste! I also personally sign every single one. ↩︎


Scott P. Scheper