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No. 110

A writing piece from Scott P. Scheper.

No. 110

Bumper-to-bumper Traffic
Fountain Valley, CA
Sunday, 2:01 pm

Dear Reader,

I am sitting in the passenger seat of a car. In the driver's seat is my mother (she says, "thank you", for wishing her a happy Mother's Day). In the back seat sits my father, working away on loans and deals. And again, there is I, sitting in the passenger seat, attempting to write something brief, without throwing up.

I tell you this for one reason: whatever the circumstance or setting you find yourself in, you must stick to your agreements. You must stick to your commitments.

My agreement centers on writing at least one word here. Every day.

This agreement is not between me and my audience. This agreement is between me and myself. Period.

This is a critical point.

Every day, you must ascribe to sticking to a certain defined set of agreements. I have written about this briefly in my daily writing pieces. I refer to them as morning rituals. As I previously mentioned, this is something we shall explore deeply. Where? In a future issue of my physical monthly newsletter, The Scott Scheper Letter.

Happy Mother's Day,

Talk soon.

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Scott P. Scheper


Scott P. Scheper